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The Ontological Argument

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Argument Type
Deductive: The argument goes from general to
specific as it defines the concept of God and then the
concept of existence
Analytical: Statement where the conclusion is
contained in the premises as it is the existence of
Priori: Not based on empirical observation since
there is no physical proof for the existence of God
Thus it has the potential to be compelling…read more

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Defining God
Analysing the idea of God can make you arrive at the
logic that if God exists He would have to be perfect
If he wasn't perfect then there would be a bigger
perfect being seen as God…read more

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Anselm's Definition (First Premise)
Anselm's first premise is the definition of God as
`that than which nothing greater can be
Therefore God is the best thing that can be thought
of or imagined
This definition has a conceptual basis i.e. it starts
with an idea of God
An idea that even the atheist can logically accept…read more

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Anselm's Analysis of existence
Something can exist in reality or conceptually
Logically real existence is superior to conceptual
existence e.g. if you are hungry a real pizza is better
than an imaginary pizza
Therefore applying this logic to God, God must exist
in reality as if God were just a concept then we could
imagine a more perfect being in reality
Thus Anselm arrives logically at the conclusion God
must exist in reality…read more

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Anselm's Analysis of existence 2
To analyse real/ actual existence further there are two
possible types of real existence:
1. Necessary: Completely independent and relies on
nothing beyond itself
2. Contingent: Relies on factors outside itself for its
Necessary is superior to contingent and if God is the
greatest thing we can possibly imagine then God must
have necessary existence
If God were contingent we could imagine a more superior
being that is necessary
God cannot not exist…read more

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