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Objections and Replies
BETH EVANS…read more

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Objection Reply
Descartes' argument is the same as Descartes said his argument is not the
Anselms so is open to the same same
Existence may be inseparable from the Descartes said he could `clearly and
concept of God distinctly' perceive God's essence to
include necessary existence
Logical proof and empirical proof are
miles apart…read more

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Objection Reply
The essence of the triangle is actually Descartes: A property is an attribute,
the property of the triangle, a property therefore existence is a property that
of God would be omnipotence which belongs to God's essence and only God's
doesn't prove God's existence essence as God is uniquely necessary
Existence is not a perfection, if
something doesn't exist it is not
imperfect but not existent…read more

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David Hulme
You cannot analyse something into existence
Whatever can be thought of as existing can be
thought of as not existing…read more

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Immanuel Kant
Existence is not a predicate/attribute
Both ontological arguments are based on IF God
`Whatever therefore and however much our concept
of an object may contain, we must go outside of
it if we are to ascribe existence to the object'…read more

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Bertrand Russell
Exists is a predicate grammatically but logically it
serves a very different function…read more


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