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Ecology is the study of the interrelationships between organisms and their
environment.…read more

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Mountains are harsh environments. The higher up lne mountainI the lower the
temperature becomes. The diagram shows a forest growing on ihe sioe of a mountain. Tne upper oounoarj.r of the forest is called
the tree Trees do not grow'.r above the tree line.
4 {a} {I} The pee'rtien ef the tree line ie determined by ebietie feetere
What ie meent by en ehietie feeter?
4 {a} {Il} Ülhor than temperatura, suggest one ahiotio factor that ia littole.…read more

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Investigating populations of organisms involves looking at the abundance and
distribution of species in a particular area.
To study a habitat, it is often necessary to count the number of individuals of species in
a given space. It is virtually impossible to identify and count every organism. To do so
would be timeconsuming and would almost certainly cause damage to the habitat
being studied.…read more

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