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DEFINITION Emphasises biological Psychological disorders are Cognitive dysfunction- faulty Based on the principles of
processes- an abnormality caused by emotional or distorted thinking learning- an abnormality is a
will have a physical cause of problems in the unconscious underpins an abnormality result of learning

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RESEARCH AND Genetic factors- ID too strong- Someone suffering from Classical conditioning-
EXAMPLES Masterson and Davies state Selfish, out of control, could OCD believes that if they do A stimulus- response bond is
that Family studies show that become psychopathic not switch the light on and created for example weight…

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dream analysis and free cognitive-behavioural model
association which suggests which has proved even more
that the client can then effective at treating any
understand the cause of mental disorder on its own
their problem and therefore
resolve them and release
their anxieties
WEAKNESSES The analogy (similarity) to Does not give…


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