Approaches - Cognitive Perspective - Computer Analogies

computer analogies of the cognitive approach

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Cognitive perspective ­ computer analogies
Why do cognitive psychologists use computer analogies?
The structure of the human brain does not reveal anything about psychological functioning!
This is the real problem for psychology; comparison with a computer is useful
How are brains and computers similar?
Computers take a symbolic input, recode it, make decisions about the recoded input, make
new expressions from it, store some or all of the input and five a symbolic output
This is very similar to how the human mind processes information
Computer simulations in science:
Attempt to simulate (reproduce features)
Molecules reacting
An asteroid and the destruction of the dinosaurs
Computer simulations in cognitive psychology:
The aim in this context is to attempt to simulate human cognitive processes
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Getting computers to perform tasks that we regard as requiring `intelligence'
No matter how intelligent you make a computer, it will never have emotions


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