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Recruitment Documentation
Authority To Recruit
When recruiting you have to have the authority of the chief executive, but sometimes this can fall to
anyone who has been given authority to recruit from the chief executive.
Job Descriptions
Job Title Short description title explaining nature of the
Purpose One sentence summarising why the role exists
Key Task Specific activities described clearly using "action
words" e.g. co-ordinate, assist
Scope of Role Boundaries of responsibility, who they are
responsible for. Lists potential budget
Special Requirements Shift/flexi work pattern, travel, languages,
professional qualifications
Customer Assistant
To accommodate the increase to customers to the store.
You will have to co-ordinate a team of staff and make sure they are running as smooth as possible
You will have to make sure that the checkouts are running smoothly and to the highest standards
while also dealing with customers.
Shift Hours ­ Weekday ­ 9-4pm
Store Manager
To run and manage the whole store
You will have to make sure that each department is running how it should be. Also make sure
delivery orders are completed.
You will also have to make sure that each part of the store is looked after and running smoothly and
make sure that the employees are working to the highest standards and generate high profit.
Flexi Shift ­ Weekday - 8-5pm (overtime/late finishes may be required)
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Person Specification
Essential attributes ­ Must Have:
Easy to approach
Good Personality
Must want to work with them
Describe Attributes ­ Would Like To Have:
Common Sense
Good Sense Of Humour
"Contra-indicators" ­ Features which could make any applicant
immediately unsuitable.…read more


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