Anticyclone case study: cold spell,UK winter 2010

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Geography climatic hazards revision
Anticyclone case study: cold spell, UK winter 2010
Blocking anticyclone brought very cold temperatures as low as -22.3 degrees C,
but low pressure to the east brought unstable air.
Social/economic effects
Deaths of older people in England and Wales rose by 17% between
Christmas day and new year
9,455 deaths registered in the week between Christmas day and new year's
day- 3% higher than the average for the time of year
Elderly and the poor were worst hit die to physiological reasons but also
due to fuel poverty
Economy hit as people had to take time off work due to having to look after
their children as 4000 schools closed and due to disruption to travel due to
road closures.
Hospitals very short staffed as staff couldn't get into work
Delay in harvest of winter crops such as daffodils which affected local
Environmental effects
Low river levels due to low precipitation and water being held in frozen soil
Heavy snowfalls over high ground and the east had increased avalanche and
landslide warnings


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