English- Anthology- In Such A Time As This

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In Such A Time As This

All these poems are about significant moments in life such as childhood memories, expreiencing things for the first time, war, coming to a new country and death.

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Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a poem about a game of hide and seek- written from a childs point of view but in many ways the point of view of an adult looking back on the experience.

Has the use of present tense includes sights and sounds

Expresses emotions

Has anticipation and tension as the child thinks about where the seekers are

Emotion changes to unease at the end of the poem when the child realises that they have been there for a long time

Decision taken to show themselves and poem ends in a note of fear when finds the garden deserted and cold

Writers use of language- uses onomatapoeia, similies and metaphors to create picture in readers mind

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Half- Past Two

Poem about childhood experience

Narrated in 3rd person with one line in first person

Theme of time is very important in the poem

boy doesn't inderstand time

poet makes use of pronouns rather than names when reffering to the charactors in the poem

includes sites, sounds and smells as in the poem Hide and Seek

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Narrated in first person from the point of view of a young girl

Poem creates detailed picture of a family home- complicated, not very happy and shows realtionships inside the house.

The theme of yellow is very important in this poem

At the end the poet describes the special meal in child like detail

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Brendon Gallacher

Poem about a childhood imaginary friend that the mum destroys when she finds out he's not real

We learn a lot about her when she compares herself to her friend in the first verse

Involves a lot of dialogue

Tells many details about her friend and shows that she admires him

She always meets her friend outdoors

The death of her friend is not outdoors like when she meets him, but in her bedroom

We get the feeling that she is very lonely but imaginative

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A poem about a childhood experience- visiting her mother in hospital

We learn about the relationship between her and her mother

Her mother always uses negetive commands

By the 7th verse the mood is lighter because the daughter is taking away the things that her mother doesn't want

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The House

Written in one long verse where the narrator describes the house in detail

We get a very negative image of the house until the last 2 lines where the mood lightens as we get told there was a 'piano upstairs/ and I did grow up there'

Here we see that even though the house is described negetivly there are still some good things about it and he is proud of having lived there

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You Will Be Hearing From Us Shortly

This poem is about a job interview- but only has the interviewers comments and questions.

We never hear what the candidate says

Has quite a bit of humour in it because we only hear the comments not the answers to the questions

Starts like a normal interview might but starts gettting rude and prejudice adn unpleasent

Poem addresses many prejudices people may face- age, appearance, education and social class

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Death In Leamington

This poem is about the death of an old lady.

set in a very ordinary town adn is a very ordinary death

When the nurse comes in she doesn't realise at first that she woman is dead adn carries on with what she normally does.

When she realises that the woman is dead she leaves quietly and 'turns down the lamp' so she respect the death

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Electricity Comes To Cocoa Bottom

 A poem about a siginificant event

Shows anticipation and excitement and describes what happens in detail

Shows great excitement when they see 'light'

After that the tension is gone

End in an anticlimax after all the children were going home

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Where The Scattering Began

A poem about different cultures all in one place

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Wherever I Hang

A poem about coming to a different counry and not really knowing where you belong

Describes the two countries and the different cultures and compares them Ends with something personal!

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The Send Off

About soldiers going off to war without anyone seeing them off Wilfred Owen describes the realities of war and we see things that we dont expect

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Dulce Et Decorum Est

About the realities of war- we see some things that we dont expect because we think soldiers are smart and wear clean uniforms but here they are described ' like old beggers under sacks' At first the mood is dull and there is a lot of description but then it turns to panic Owen tries to tell the readers that war isn't what people think it is- it's worse and he tries to show us the realities

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From War Music

This poem shows war in a different way and has some humour in. People are described in this poem and there are a lot of contrasts between the people It describes a scene in a battle but not from a soldiers point of view but from the point of view of someone looking at the battle and describing what they see

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Refugee Blues

This poem is written from the point of view of a Jew It could be to many people or all the German Jews- but could also just be to a loved one because all the verses have 'my dear' in them Starts with not being accepted in a town or city but goes on to being hunted down like animals are and people looking for them everywhere We dont know whether these people survived or not all we know is what was happening to them.

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The Darkling Thrush

This is a poem about the coming of the new century but the person in the poem describes it as the death of the old century Starts dull and upsetting but the mood lifts when we hear the bird Uses a lot of personification Makes it sound like he is the only one outside at this time

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