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User Interfaces & operating systems
Here are some related past paper questions to try:
1) Give two reasons why a Graphical User Interface (GUI) is more user friendly than a command line interface. [2]
Two from:
Menus give a list of possible actions and just have to select from it rather than having to remember complicated
commands to type in
Pointer easy to use to click on icons, menus or windows to select them rather than having to remember commands
to type in
Can have several windows open at the same time so can see more than one task at once unlike in a command line
Icons indicate what clicking on them will do e.g. icon for printing shows picture of a picture which is easy to
Can click on menu items and icons using a pointer (e.g. Mouse/Tracker ball/Joystick) which more obvious how to do
than typing in commands
In GUI don't need to remember what command to type in & don't have to worry about spelling commands correctly
but do in command line interface
2) Below is a picture of a graphical user interface (GUI). Part of it has been enlarged.
a) State the common term for the pictures in the enlargement? [1]
b) Give two reasons why the use of these pictures is helpful. [2]
Two from:
Simple to learn as no need to learn complicated commands
Easier to use as icons refer to action wordlessly
Quicker to access underlying commands than typing in a command
Fewer mistakes made when selecting task as don't need to worry about spelling or typing mistakes or
remembering complicated commands
Same icons used in many different GUI applications e.g. if understand meaning of print icon in a word processor then
will understand the same icon found in other programs e.g. spreadsheet
Tool bars can be customised to just show the icons the user uses most
Which task can be done at that time might be shown e.g. greyed out icons show that task can't be done at present
3) a) Give two features of a graphical user interface (GUI). Describe how each is used. [4]
Two paired answers from:
Feature: Use:
Menus To display/allow choices to be made
Task bar To display programs currently in use
Pointer To respond to movement of mouse (or similar device e.g. tracker ball)
and allow choices to be made
Windows To show one or more tasks to the user
Icons To make choosing which software application or which file or folder to
open easy as just click it/select it
Mouse/tracker ball/joystick To control the pointer on the screen/to allow choices to be made
b) Give two reasons why a graphical user interface (GUI) is considered easier to use than a command line interface.
Two answers from:
Can click on icons instead of typing in commands
Can create shortcuts more easily in GUI than command line interface
Easier/quicker to learn to use GUI as no commands to learn
In command line can have problems with spelling things wrong in a command - no problems with spelling mistakes in
GUI as don't type in commands

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More user-friendly as it more obvious what to do - it more obvious how to use menus & icons than what to type
into a command line interface
4) Explain why a graphical user interface (GUI) is considered easier to use than a command line interface. [7]
Seven answers from:
Represent many commands
The commands do not need typing in
Clicking icons Increases the speed which instructions can be given at
No errors (e.g.…read more


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