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8 User Interfaces
The human computer interface is what allows the user to
communicate with the computer and is often called simply
the user interface.
The three main types of user interface are;
Graphical or GUI.…read more

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Command-driven user interfaces
To use a command-driven system to communicate
with the computer, the user has to type in special
command words.
DOS, which stands for Disk Operating System, is a
very commonly used command-driven user
The main advantage of command driven interfaces
is that they can be quick to use as long as the user
knows the correct commands.…read more

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The main disadvantage of command-driven interfaces is
that they are very difficult to use if the user is a beginner
or doesn't know the correct commands. Command-driven
systems can be very unfriendly and confusing for non-
computer experts to use.
The correct commands to copy
the file are typed in by the
user at the keyboard
The operating system displays
a message to confirm that the
command has been carried out
successfully.…read more

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Menu-driven user interfaces
Menu-driven systems offer the user lists of options which
they can select by pressing a particular key on the
The main advantage of menu-driven systems is that they
are easy to use.
The main disadvantage of menu-driven systems is getting
to one particular option can often involve working through
many different menu screens.…read more

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In this example a menu-
driven user interface has
been used to copy a file
called fred.txt to a user's
floppy disk.…read more

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Graphical user interfaces
The most widely used type of graphical user interfaces
are WIMP systems.
WIMP stands for Windows Icons Menu Pointer. Options are
represented by small pictures or 'icons' arranged inside
rectangular boxes called windows.
The main advantage of graphical user interfaces is that they
are very easy to use, especially for a beginner.
The main disadvantage is the amount of memory space they
need. A graphical user interface needs a lot of RAM to run
properly and takes up a large amount of hard disk space.…read more

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