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Anselm Gaunilo
The perfect island, this argument goes,
"God is that then which nothing greater
is the island than which no greater can
can be conceived"
be conceived.
God has necessary existence so
must exist. Island idea: Think of a perfect
island; doesn't exist in real life.
If it exists in the mind then it must
exist out of the mind. No because the
Island doesn't exist.
Says to Gaunilo; an island is
not necessary to exist-only
God is necessary to exist.…read more

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Anselm Aquinas
Ontological argument Cosmological argument
A priori argument:
A posteriori argument:
based on logic
Based on experience
If it exists in the
mind then it Need proof:
must exist in real rejects the mind
life too. has a concept of
God as God is
beyond human
understanding.…read more


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