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Andreas Vesalius
1514-1564…read more

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· Father was a doctor
· He studied medicine in Padua, Italy
· Professor of surgery in Padua
· Wrote `The Fabric of the Human Body'
a description of human anatomy…read more

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Anatomy ­ The Story So Far
· Doctors believed that Galen was
completely correct
· Dissection was carried out, but only to
prove Galen right ­ not to check or
challenge him…read more

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Vesalius proved that sometimes Galen
was wrong:
· The human jaw bone is made from one
bone, not two as Galen had said
· The breastbone has three parts, not
· Blood does not flow into the heart
through invisible holes in the septum ­
such holes do not exist…read more

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Vesalius showed that doctors could learn
more about anatomy, and had to carry
out human (not animal) dissection in
order to do so…read more

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TECHNOLOGY ­ He personally supervised all
printing of his books
INDIVIDUAL GENIUS ­ He was inventive and
determined. He once stole the body of a
criminal from below the gallows to dissect
in Padua.
ATTITUDES ­ ENQUIRY ­ He respected Galen but
believed it was vital to ask questions and
challenge ideas by carrying out as many
human dissections as possible…read more

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