Andreas Vesalius, William Harvey and Ambroise pare

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  • Andreas Vesalius, William Harvey and Ambroise pare
    • Andreas Vesalius
      • 1514-1564
      • He dissected criminals so he was able to study human anatomy. This meant people such as Harvey and Pare could go on to work on other things
      • Vesalius's findings encouraged others to question Galen which led to more discoveries
    • William Harvey
      • 1578-1657
      • He studied both humans and animals to observe how blood is pumped around the body
      • Not everyone believed his theories, and it took a long time before doctors used them in their treatments.
    • Ambroise pare
      • 1510-1590
      • He was an army surgeon who found that cool salve was better than boiling oil to treat a gun wound. He also used ligatures instead of cauterisation. however the ligatures were dirty so people got infected.
      • His ideas were resisted by doctors who felt that a lowly surgeon shouldn't be listened to.


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