Analysing and Reporting Psychological Investigations

Final part of my research methods presentation as a word document. I left out good practice in reporting as it was just stuff like plagiarism which is included earlier in the topic anyway. Hope it helps! Good luck also to everyone taking January exams!

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Analysis and interpretation of qualitative data

Manstead and McCulloch (1981) carried out one of the earliest British studies of sex-role
stereotyping in TV advertisements. They focused on adverts that featured an adult playing a leading
part, analysing the role played by the adult, the product used, the type of argument…

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Quality ­ some critics argue that it is difficult to ensure the quality of research that is purely
qualitative because the aspects of quantitative research that are typically valued such as control,
objectivity and replicability, are missing. A possible solution is to use different criteria for assessing
quality. It is…

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Design ­ this gives an overview of the structure of the study and justifies the decisions to
conduct it in a particular way. Many reports deal with ethical issues in this section.
Participants - demographic information about the participants is described here, with details
of number, sampling and recruitment procedures.…


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