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Making A Case – How Psychology Can Inform the Investigative Process

Interviewing Witnesses


1.3 The Cognitive Interview


–    Based largely on Elizabeth Loftus.

–    Various ideas were combined in order to form a more effective way of questioning for more reliable recall of events.


Stages of The Interview

Why They Might Work

Report Everything: It encourages witnesses to report all details that they can remember regardless of how trivial it may appear

Points one and two are designed to reinstate context. They get the witness to mentally revisit the scene and mentally reconstruct the incident in their mind.


Evidence suggests that we are more likely to recall information if it is in a similar context to when it was first experienced or learned, so putting us in a similar state of mind should aid recall.

Context Reinstatement: It tries to recreate the scene of the incident in the mind of the witness, including sights, smells, and


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