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An inspector calls quotes…read more

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Eric quotes
Described in the brief descriptions of the
characters as "in his early twenties, not
quite at ease, half shy, half assertive"
Described as being in a "silly, excitable
Says to his father- "you've piled it on a bit
tonight" about his speech
A stage direction says that "Eric suddenly
"I don't give a damn now whether I stay
here or not"
"I say the girls dead and we all helped to…read more

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More Eric quotes
"used her (daisy) for the end of a stupid
drunken evening as if she was an animal
not a person"
Says to his mother- "you don't understand
anything. You never did. You never even
His mother says "he was responsible for
the girls position" when she doesn't know
that Eric was the father of daisy's child.
Had a "public school and varsity life"
"he's been steadily drinking too much for
the last two years"…read more

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Even more Eric quotes
"the father was only a youngster- silly and wild and
drinking too much. There couldn't be any question
of marrying him, it would be wrong for both of
"then-you killed her. She came to you to protect
me- and you turned her away- yes, and you killed
her- and the child she'd have had to- my child-
your own grandchild- you killed them both- damn
you, damn you"
Eric says "he was our police inspector alright"
Stage directions say "Eric enters looking extremely
pale and distressed"
"yes I insisted- it seems. I'm not very clear about it,
but afterwards she told me she didn't want me to go
in but that- well I was in that state where a chap…read more

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Further Eric quotes
"I couldn't remember her name or where
she lived. It was all very vague."
"the next time- or the time after that- she
told me she was going to have a baby"
"no she didn't want me to marry her. Said I
didn't love her- and all that. In a way, she
treated me- as if I were a kid. Though I was
nearly as old as she was"
"you're beginning to pretend now that's
nothing's really happened at all. And I can't
see it like that. The girls still dead, isn't she?
Nobody's brought her to life, have they"
"you're not the kind of father a chap could
go to when he's in trouble"…read more

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Even further eric quotes
"whoever that chap was, the fact remains that I
did what I did. And mother did what she did. And
the rest of you did what you did to her. Its still the
same rotten story whether its been told by a
police inspector or by somebody else"
Mr Birling says to Eric "angrily" "you're the one I
blame for this"…read more

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Paul Dutton


Plenty of useful quotes in this presentation. Good for some quick revision.



nice man



There arnt any quotes for Sybil Birling other than that its great

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