An Inspector Calls Quotes

By or about the characters, if i could remember who said them about the person they are in brackets after the quote and if i could remember who they are saying the quote it is before the quote e.g. (to Birling). Hope this makes sense

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An Inspector Calls Quote Bank

The Inspector

"An impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness".

"Each of you helped to kill her"

"A man in his fifties, dressed in a plain darkish suit".

"He speaks carefully, weightily and has a disconcerting habit of looking hard at the person he
addresses before…

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Eva Smith


"Very pretty - soft brown hair and big dark eyes" ­ Gerald


"She was young and pretty and warm-hearted - and intensely grateful" ­Gerald

"Burnt her inside out"

"Looked much better in the dress"

"Not the usual sort"

"Soft face"

"Pretty"- Eric

"Good sport"-Eric

"Few friends,…

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(To Gerald) "Your mother -Lady Croft- while she doesn't object to my girl- feels you may have done
better for yourself socially"

(About Eric stealing money) "I've got to cover this up as soon as I can."

"We've no proof it was the same photograph and therefore no proof it…

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"And I know I'm to blame - and I'm desperately sorry"

"So I'm really responsible?"

"These girls aren't cheap labour - they're people"

(Writers description) "Pretty girl in her early twenties, very pleased with life and rather excited"

(To Inspector) "I don't understand about you"

"Last summer, when you never…


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