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An Inspector Calls
Key Events
Character quotes…read more

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1 We are introduced to the characters and the setting 26 Inspector Goole renters
4 Mr Birling's speech about the engagement 29 Mrs Birling enters
6-7 Mr Birling's speech about the `silly talk' 30 Mrs Birling voices her opinion on the situation
8 Mr Birling talks to Gerald about his parents 33 Inspector Goole confronts Gerald again
10-11 Inspector Goole arrives and enters 34-37 Gerald explains his part in the death
11 Inspector Goole introduces Birling, Eric and Gerald to Eva Smith 38 Gerald explains where he was `last summer'
12 Inspector Goole shows Mr Birling the photo 39 Gerald explains what happens at the end of the summer
13 Mr Birling shares his link with Eva Smith 40 Shelia gives Gerald the ring back
16 Mr Birling confronts the Inspector over authority 40 Gerald leaves
16 Shelia Enters 42 Eric leaves and Mr Birling leaves and returns concluding it was Eric
17 Shelia is introduced to Eva Smith 43-46 Mrs Birling explains how she knows Eva Smith
19 Inspector Goole continues Eva Smith's story 48 The Inspector finishes questioning Mrs Birling and waits for Eric to return
20-21 Shelia realises her involvement and leaves the room 50 Eric Returns
21 Birling leaves 51 Eric explains his story
22 Shelia renters 52 Shelia and Mrs Birling leave
23-24 Shelia explains her part in the death 53 Eric admits to stealing the money and then Shelia and Mrs Birling return
25 Inspector Goole introduces Daisy Renton and Gerald reacts 55-56 Inspector Goole says his final speech and leaves
25 Inspector Goole and Eric leave the room and Shelia and Gerald talk 57-61 The characters claim/disclaim responsibility…read more

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61 Gerald returns
62 Gerald tells them he wasn't a police officer
62 Mr Birling calls the Chief Constable
63 Characters argue whether it matters or not
65 Mr Birling focuses on moving forward without changing
Gerald comes up with the suggestion that they weren't the same
69 Gerald calls the Infirmary
70 There hasn't been a suicide today
70 Shelia still claims the responsibility
71 Gerald reoffers the ring
72 Sheila says not yet
72 The telephone rings
72 An inspector calls and says he is on his way to ask some questions…read more

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r Inspecto
Birlin Shelia Eric Gerald r Goole
Mr B's speech Who was listening?
Goole Arrival
Mr B's Involvement ur Sybil Sheli
Birlin Birling
Eric Gerald or
a Goole
Shelia's involvement
Wasn't a police
Daisy Renton officer
Shelia and Gerald talk Does it
Gerald's Involvement
Infirmary call
Giving ring back Responsibility
Mrs B's Involvement
Inspector calls
Eric's Story
Eric Stole
Responsibility…read more

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Arthur Birling Sybil Birling Shelia Eric Gerald Inspector Goole Eva Smith
Class…read more

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An Inspector Calls: Importance of the Characters
Mr Arthur Birling Mrs Sybil Birling Shelia
This character is used to show the This character represents the This character represents the younger generation and
capitalist viewpoint. He is also wealthier classes and their selfish their views. Her role is to provide hope for the audience
used to view how the upper class attitudes which is seen in her that people can change society if their take
viewed the lower class. The actions towards Eva Smith. She responsibility for their actions and make changes.
characteristics displayed by Mr highlights the differences in the
Birling are what J.B.Priestly classes at the time. Mrs Birling Eric
reasons for the social inequality plays a crucial role in the death of This character represents how the upper class used
seen at the time. He is also used to Eva Smith by turning her away their status to mistreat the working class people (how
start the chain of events and to from charity. he got Eva Smith pregnant) and also the younger
show that every action has a generation as the future of the country
consequence. Gerald
This character represents the Eva Smith/Daisy Renton
Inspector Goole attitudes of the upper class. He This character represents the working class people of
This character represents J.B. plays a key role in keeping Eva the time.
Priestly in his opinions which can Smith as his mistress but he let's
be seen in his final speech in the the audience down by not Edna
play. He increases the drama with changing his attitude. This shows This character represents the families actions and
his presence and controls the how the attitudes of the upper attitudes to the working class. Her name is similar to
structure of the play by dealing class were hard to move on and Eva.
with `one person and one like of change.
enquiry at a time'.…read more

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