An Inspector Calls, Quotes & Notes

An Inspector Calls, Quotes & Notes - Class&Society

Mrs Birling - Page 10

 "you'd think everybody has to look after everybody else... community and all that nonsense. "

Mr Birling - Page 16 

"perhaps i ought to warn you that he's an old friend of mine and that i see him fairly frequently"

reminding the inspector of his status and authority.

Mrs Birling - Page 30

 "....Girls of that class"

she takes a very stereotypical view of different classes. 

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Mr Birling - page 9 

"yes, but youve got to remember, my boy, that clothes mean something quite different to women"

Mr Birling - Page 15 

" she'd had to a lot to say - far too much - she had to go" 

Shelia - Page 5 

"is it the one you wanted me to have?"

Girls are very passive and submissive 

Mr Birling - Page 17

" nothing to do with you, shelia run along"

she is and women and "doesn't understand" politics

Inspector Goole - Page 27

"and you think young women out ot protest against unpleaseant and disturbing things?"

he is trying to back up women in society 

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Mr Birling - Page 9

"a man has to make his own way- has to look after himself- and his family too"

Mr Birling - Page 14

" still, i can't accept any responsibility"

he denies that anything was his fault 

Gerald - Page 28

" i suppose i asked for that"

Gerald accepts responsibility compared to birling

Inspector Goole - Page 29 

"you see, we have to share something...share out guilt"

Inspector Goole - Page 56 

" we are members of the body. we are responsible for each other"

the way the inspector orchestrates the play and interrogates the family individually but still reminds them that they are all collectively responsible for Eva Smith's death.

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Generational Conflict

Mr Birling - Page 9 

"but this is the point. i dont want to lecture you two young fellows again but what's so many of you don't seen to understand"

Eric and Mr Birling conflict between each other because Eric shows awareness of the working class state which Birling doesn't.

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