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Alternatives of Marriage Civil Partnerships
Marriage is a legal union between a man Catholic Church- does not
and a woman. recognise civil partnerships as a
Cohabitation is when a couple live Christian marriage and considers this
together and have a sexual relationship is a threat to marriage. They believe
without being married to one another. that marriage is based on the biblical
Civil Partnerships is a legal registration understanding of the natural order
and recognition of a same-sex that a marriage is between a man
relationship. and a woman.
Cohabitation Church of England- priests have
The catholic Church sees cohabitation as been told that they should not
sinful because sex belongs within provide blessings for gay couples
marriage. The Church of England states who have had a civil partnership and
that marriage is ideal but that cohabitating that there should not be a Christian
couples should have their legal rights marriage service for civil
protected. partnerships. However, some
priests have been prepared to carry
out such services.
Marital breakdown and divorce To prevent marital
Marital breakdown is when a husband
and wife no longer get on with each other,
leading to the end of the marriage by Good marriage
divorce or separation. It can cause a great preparation- it will help
deal of distress for the whole family. It is them to understand each
the failure of something that everyone
involved placed their hope in. it can lead to other better and to discuss
resentment, argument, upset and a problems.
profound sense of loss. The instability Good communication-
caused can be very difficult for children of
all ages and can cause problems such as
couples need to recognise
aggressive behaviour etc. the need of talk through
problems and to listen to
each other.
Seeking help- marriage


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