Alpha, Beta & Gamma radiation

alpha beta gamma key points + notes

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Alpha, Beta & Gamma Radiation
Strongly ionising, lots of collisions with atoms
Made up of 2 PROTONS and 2 NEUTRONS
They do not penetrate far into material.... why? Strongly ionising.
Stopped by thin sheet of material (e.g. paper or few centimetres of air)
+positive charge+ deflected by electric and magnetic fields
A high speed electron from the nucleus
When is it emitted? When a neutron changes to a proton and electron
The proton remains in the nucleus
Much SMALLER & FASTER than Alpha particles.
Less ionising and penetrate further into materials
How are they blocked? A few metres of air or a thin sheet of aluminium
They have a negative charge and are deflected electric and magnetic fields
They are electromagnetic waves so they will travel far through and object before
Weakly ionising
Stopped by metres of concrete
Not deflected by electric & magnetic fields
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