Aims and Context of Asch


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After world war 2, the world was pushed into a period called. `the cold war'.
The cold war represented a struggle of ideas, communism being on one side, and capitalists
being on the other.
Communism, was seen off the Americans as a threat, by Russia If allowed would take over
the America way of life.
Americans feared that the Russians were going to come and take over America, this trigged
a period called McCarthyism.
This was when academics, actors and other public figures were put on trial for having
suspected communist tendencies,
Certain social values `EMERGED' these included; Sticking together and NOT criticising the
American way of life, EVEN if they didn't agree with it. Americans CONFORMED in social
situations rather than drawing attention to themselves and being seen as POSSIBLE
Conformity is a type of social influence.
Conformity = When a MINORTY or INDIVIDUAL changes their
beliefs or behaviours as a RESULT from a REAL OR IMAGINED
pressure from a MAJORITY.
Two types of social influences;
1) Informational social influence.
This is where you conform because you assume someone knows something
you don't
For example;
If suddenly lots of people ran towards you and past you on the street you
become aware that no one was going in your direction. you would MOST
probably run also because you are ASSUMING that something dangerous is
lying ahead.
This type of conformity occurs when we PUBLICLY and PRIVATLY believe
they MAJORITY is right.
2) Normative social influence
In other settings we conform without realising.

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For example;
In our classes we are `most probably' sitting in the `same' seats as we were
the first time we sat in them particular seats. we just `accept' that this is our
seat, and everyone in the class would say that's `__name here________'
seat. EVENTHOUGH it doesn't have our name on it.
We sit in these seats because we are CONFORMING to a SOCIAL NORM.…read more


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