Ageing Population

Problems, solutions and benefits

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Benefits of an ageing population
Age and experience
Willing to work in their 70's
Voluntary work
Leisure industries e.g. SAGA ­ they are benefiting from a boom in the industry
Grey pound boosts economy
By 2050 working population will drop by 38 million.
Over 65's will increase by 40 million.
EU's pensioner population will be more than 100 million.
Number of workers supporting over 65's will fall from 3 million to fewer than 2
o Raising the retirement age so by 2046 it will be 68 for men & women.
o A new law came into power in 2011 that meant that employers can no
longer make people retire at 65.
o Encourage immigration of young people to the UK.
o Encourage women to have more children ­ working family tax credits,
longer maternity/paternity leave, 15 hours of free education for 34 year
olds, flexible working hours etc.
o Encourage people to take out a private pension by offering tax breaks.


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