ageing population

what is ageing population, problems and solutions with a case study

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what is ageing population

ageing population - when there is a increasingly higher amount of elderly people.

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problems associated with an ageing population

  • As the population get older the amount of degenerative diseases like cancer and heart disease will increase
  • Specific housing needs - homes without stairsor wider doorways for wheelchair access 
  • The government will have to provide more sheltered accomodation and nursing homes 
  • As people are living longer they will be claiming the state pension for longer 
  • the elder population will also need more health care this puts a strain on geriatric nurses/doctors.
  • The dependent population will increase and the the working population will decrease this means that there may not be enough working population to support the dependent population so taxes will rise. 
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strategies put in place to cop with an aging popul

  • in the UK the government set up 'building a society for all ages'
  • in this scheme there are free health checks provided for people over the age of 40 , to reduce the amount of illness 
  • the retirement age has also been raised to 67 .
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