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Age + Religion…read more

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Brierley (2001)
· People aged over 65 years are most likely to attend
· 87% of 10-14 year olds through Church was boring.
· Those under 15 would have a higher rate of religious
This could be because:
· Parental pressure
· Attendance to Sunday school…read more

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Before World War II...
· ...Church had a lot of influence
· ...People had great awareness of Christian
· ...UK was not multicultural
· ...Christianity had no competition…read more

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Generation & Religion
· Those older would consider themselves as
· Those middle-aged consider themselves as
· Those younger would consider them neither.…read more

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What age are more likely
to join sects?
More likely that young adults would join sects
1. More freedom from social ties
= They don't have children so can cut
themselves off from the world in a sect
2. Young adults experience anomie
= Sects offer them moral guidance & a
sense of community…read more

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What age are more likely
to join cults?
More likely that middle-aged people would join
1. Too much at stake to join a sect
= They don't have the time to withdraw
from world
2. Relative deprivation
= Cults promise to make people successful
& feel spiritually successful…read more


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