Types of Religion

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  • Types of Religion
    • Theistic Religions
      • A belief in a higher power that could be one God (monotheistic) or many Gods (polytheistic).
      • Supernatural power is the source of the beliefs round which the religion revolves and therefore seen as sacred by its followers. 
      • E.g. Christianity (monotheistic) and Hinduism (polytheistic).
    • Animism
      • Belief in spirits + ghosts that impact human and natural world. 
      • These tend to be more in pre-industrial + non-industrial societies. 
    • Totemism
      • Form of animism where community creates symbol (usually animal/plant) the represent the group. Symbol gains sacred significance and is believed to protect people it represents.
      • Durkheim believed many religions include elements of totemism, forms basis of his view of functions of religion.
    • New Age Movements 
      • Spiritual rather than religious belief system, focus on self-development and fulfilment rather than a devotion to a higher, supernatural power.
      • These movements are often based on Eastern religions e.g. Buddhism. 
      • Postmodernists believed New Age movements are on increase.


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