Advantages and disadvantages of using microbes in food production

easy to learn table of the advantages and disadvantages of food production xD

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of using
microbes in food production
Advantages Disadvantages
Production of protein can be many times Many people may not want to eat fungal
faster than that of a plant or animal protein
protein or food that has been grown on
Production can be increased and decreased Isolation of the protein grown in huge
according to demand fermenters
There are no animal welfare issues The protein has to be purified to ensure it is
They provide a good source of protein for Infection the conditions need for it to grow
vegetarians are also ideal for pathogens. Have to make
sure culture isn't infected with wrong
The protein contains no animal fat or Palatability doesn't have same texture or
cholesterol taste of traditional protein
SCP (single cell production) could be
combined with the removal of waste


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