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Additional Science B3- The basics for OCR
1. Respiration in a cell happens in the Mitochondria

2. The functions of cells:-

The cell nucleus- contains genetic information that controls the activities of the cell

Cytoplasm -where chemical reactions happens. It contains enzymes that control these chemical reactions

Cell Membrane-Holds the…

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Body weight must be similar to the patient needing the transplant

18. Three advantages of being multi-cellular

You can be bigger-it means you can travel further, get your nutrients in a variety of different ways, fewer things can eat
or squash you

Allows for cell differentiation- different types of cells…

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them germinate at times of the year when they wouldn't normally. It also helps to make sure all the seeds in the batch
germinate at the same time.

28. Two things that increase the rate of mutation if you are exposed to them:

Ionising radiation, including x-rays and ultraviolet light.…


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