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Abnormality Revision

Jahoda's 6 conditions for having ideal mental health:

Positive self attitude
Self actualisation (realising potential)
Resistance to stress
Personal autonomy (making own decisions)
Accurate perception to reality
Adaptive to environment

Social Norm: something which is seen to be normal within a group.

Deviation from social Failure to function…

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- some criteria are
shown by `normal'

Cultural Relativism: Different social norms are acceptable in different cultures.

The 4 main explanations of abnormality e.g

Behaviourist Biological
All behaviour is learnt through Assumes that all disorders are
classical, operant conditioning physical illness
and social learning 4 branches of biological are:…

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seconds and the seizure lasts 1
minute. Patients have 2-3
sessions a week for a month.

+ good to relieve depression ­

30-50% effective
- can cause memory loss

+ it is scientific
+ doesn't blame the patients for
their problems
- can't be sure of cause and

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+ treatments have successfully Treatments
treated depression Psychoanalysis ­ aims to help
+ allows person to take control patients deal with their
- cognitive therapies may take a repressed memories. There are 3
long time and can be expensive steps to psychoanalysis:
- Hypnosis: alters mental state,
involving deep relaxation…


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