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Deviation from Social Norms
All societies have commonly accepted social
standards of behaviour.
Sometimes these are laws, other times they
are unwritten but socially accepted.
Eg: in the UK we queue.
Social norms allow for the regulation of
normal social behaviour.…read more

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DSN Evaluation
Behaviour that deviates from social norms is not always a
sign of psychopathy.
· Context of behaviour must be taken into account.
· No distinction between your quirky, eccentric behaviour and rare,
psychologically abnormal behaviour.
· No definite cut off where normal becomes abnormal behaviour.
Social norms change over time.
· Homosexuality used to be classed as a psychiatric disorder.
Cultural Relativity.
· Social norms are specific to particular cultures/societies.…read more

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Failure to Function Adequately
This definition allows abnormal behaviour as long
as it doesn't interfere with normal life.
Characteristics of abnormal behaviour:
observer discomfort
personal distress
maladaptive/dysfunctional behaviour…read more

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FFA Evaluation
Failing to function
adequately may be
Cultures & Situations not be due to
disorders may not
stop people from
adequately.…read more

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