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EVEN CHAPTERS- "Being men's-magazine cool "He was one of life's visitors, he
was as close as he had ever didn't want to be visited"- Will
WHICH EVENTUALLY come to an achievement"- Will's likes to be in control and seeks only

AaB QUOTES ­ ENTWINE WITH life seems empty, not…

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"Life took up so much time, so "He had never had any kind of "In that horrible dead dark time "I just want to hear that he's OK" -
how could one work and, say, intuition or empathy or connection between countdown and the admits that he is beginning to…

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"Will had spent his whole life "He'd be singing with his eyes "Will fell in love on New Year's "He was acting, yes. But in the
avoiding real stuff" closed soon, and there was nothing Eve." noblest most profound sense of
Responsibility. he could do about it."- Metaphor, Love. the…

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