About a Boy incomplete Will quotes

Sorry these are incomplete they cover the character of Will, some cards are finished some are not, figured it would be useful anyhow as contains some key quotes with some interlinked themes. Hope they help!

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EVEN CHAPTERS- "Being men's-magazine cool "He was one of life's visitors, he
was as close as he had ever didn't want to be visited"- Will
WHICH EVENTUALLY come to an achievement"- Will's likes to be in control and seeks only
AaB QUOTES ­ ENTWINE WITH life seems empty, not achieved fleeting, meaningless relationships.
much, trying to give himself worth As a result he feels uncomfortable
by saying he is `men's magazine at the obligation he knows he has
cool'. It also implies a lack of towards Marcus and Fiona. Ch.14
"You had to live in your own "I'm a single father. I have a two "...life without work and care "Wanting Rachel so much still
bubble"- Will's attitude to life, year old boy"- internal thoughts. and difficulty and detail, a life frightened Will" - he is feeling
believed you should only care He is creating a persona, building a without context and texture,"- genuine emotions towards people.
about yourself and keep yourself to façade. Lies/deception. Syndetic listing, overview of Will's The first sentence in the chapter
yourself. He believes that being Responsibility as he does this life. He has just met Rachel and suggests it's at the front of his
individualistic, is the best way to without thinking of the realises how empty his life really is. mind, he is always thinking about
live. consequences of being found out. her.
Ch.10 Ch.6 Ch.36
"His way of coping with the (Marcus on Will)"The trendy "He may not have been proud "He was dry ice! He was frosty
days was to think of activities bloke who's trying to get off with of his lifelong lack of achievement, the snowman! He would die of
as units of time"- Desperately Suzie"- Marcus views the situation but he was proud of his ability to stay hypothermia!"- S yntactic
trying to fill empty life, trying to lie as it is, he shows will as being a liar afloat in the enormous ocean of time parallelism, the sentences all have
he had at his disposal"- Contrasts the same structure. Hyperbole used
to himself. and can see through Will's `Bubble'.
with Marcus being a `fish', to show exaggeration reflects Will's
Ch.12 Ch.9 metaphorical language represents delusional and ridiculous nature at
time. A recurring symbol. To Will, the start of the novel. Pop culture.
commitment and responsibility seem Ch.2
suffocating. C h.12

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Life took up so much time, so "He had never had any kind of "In that horrible dead dark time "I just want to hear that he's OK" -
how could one work and, say, intuition or empathy or connection between countdown and the admits that he is beginning to care
take a bath on the same day?"- in his life before, but he had it news, when the doorbell went"- about Marcus, especially after
Convinced himself his life is `full', now"- Will acknowledges that…read more

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Will had spent his whole life "He'd be singing with his eyes "Will fell in love on New Year's "He was acting, yes. But in the
avoiding real stuff" closed soon, and there was nothing Eve." noblest most profound sense of
Responsibility. he could do about it."- Metaphor, Love. the world. He wasn't a fraud. He
Ch.16 he thinks he'll end up like Fiona, Ch.24 was Robert De Niro."
with too many feelings. He is Lies/Deception.
realising he has developed as a Ch.…read more

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