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A Dreaming
By Carol Ann Duffy
Izzy and Emily…read more

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Not tonight, I'm dreaming Not the next evening, I'm dreaming
in the heart of the honeyed dark in the crook of midnight's arm
in a boat of a bed in the attic room like a lover held by another
in a house on the edge of the park safe from harm, like a child
where the wind in the big old trees stilled by a mother, soft and warm,
creaks like an ark. twelve golden faraway bells for a charm.
Not tomorrow, I'm dreaming Not that night either, I'm dreaming
till dusk turns into dawn ­ dust, must till the tides have come and gone
most, moot, moon, mown, down ­ sighing all over the frowning sand,
with my hand on an open unread book, the whale's lonely song
a bird that's never flown...distantly scored on wave after wave of water
the birdsong of the telephone all the wet night long.
Not the last evening, I'm dreaming
Not the following evening, I'm dreaming under the stuttering clock,
in the monocle of the moon, under the covers, under closed eyes,
a sleeping S on the page of a bed all colours fading to black,
in the tome of a dim room, the rain the last of daylight hurrying
on the roof, rhyming there for a date with the glamorous dark.
like the typed words of a poem.
Not the night after that, I'm dreaming
till the stars are blue in the face
printing the news of their old light
with the ink of space,
yards and years of black silk night
to cover my sleeping face.…read more

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Take 5-10 minutes to discuss the poem on
your table. Keep these points in mind:
· What were your first impressions of the poem?
· What images came in mind when reading the poem?
· How does Duffy use language in this poem to create a
certain effect?
· Can you make any secret strings within the poem?…read more

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First Impressions
·She's putting something off- not wanting to do something.
·All she wants to do is dream about other things.
·Obsessed because she doesn't want to do anything but dream,
not matter where she is `the heart of the honeyed dark in the boat
of a bed in the attic room in a house on the edge of the park' all
she talks about is dreaming.
BUT.. When we looked into it, it seemed more like she just
wanted to dream and go off into another world she likes, because
at the end of the last stanza it seems as though she is dying
when saying `all colours fade to black, the last of daylight hurrying
for a date with the glamorous dark'
In the first stanza she talks a bout going to dream in lots of
different places ­ which we thought could be she has to dream
about it because she can't go on anymore, so she fantasises
about it now.…read more

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· In the first stanza, Duffy describes in depth about where
she is dreaming - all the places seem quite abandoned
and lonely. This suggests that she feels alone or maybe
wants to be left alone.
· `a sleeping S on the page of a bed' picture the `Z Z Z'
that appear on cartoon programmes which suggest that
what she describes in this poem isn't very true to true
· `Stars are blue in the face' makes us picture a star that
has a face, which opens up your imagination which is
always at its full when dreaming.…read more

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· Each stanza has a full stop at the end to show
that each dream has been and gone- she's
onto the next.
· She creates a melancholy tone using words
such as `lonely' ­ links in with the idea of
dreaming, the only place where you are truly
· Duffy uses word play in the second stanza:
`dust, must, most, moot, mown, down' ­
changes one letter each time to create words,
starting with dust and ending with down.
· Personification is used when talking about `the…read more

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