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Margarita Myskovets
A Day at the Amphitheatre

I was so excited for the gladiatorial games that were to come; I waited for them for a long time
as I dreamt of seeing Marcimus Omnimous. Marcimus is a Thracian, which is my favourite
gladiator, as they seem to win every match.…

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numerous assault courses in the barracks where a big wheel would rotate a mechanical device,
which would spin, and two gladiators had to jump and duck the spinning weapons. If they were hit
they could actually be knocked out or even die from the blow of the weapon. Yet they…

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T he afternoon had come and with it the main event of the day. The first two gladiators to fight
ware Marcimus against the highest ranked gladiator in Nuceria. The huge doors opened and the
two gladiators entered the arena. Marcimus looked stronger than ever and he was applauded


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