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A2 Biology
Module 5
Section 5.2
Photosynthesis…read more

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Specification…read more

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Chloroplasts in plant (and algal) cells
absorb light energy from the sun
This is so that LIGHT DEPENDENT
REACTIONS can be carried out
The light strikes photosynthetic pigment
containing organelles called chloroplasts
Thylakoids are the site of the light
dependent reactions…read more

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Double membrane organelles
Inner membrane folded into disc-shaped
sacs called THYLAKOIDS
Thylakoids contain chlorophyll and
accessory pigments
Thylakoids are grouped in stacks called
GRANUM (grana plural)
Fluid between thylakoids that surrounds
and connects them is called STROMA…read more

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Chloroplast…read more

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Stroma…read more

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