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Module 3: Photosynthesis

(a) Define the terms autotroph and heterotroph

Autotroph ­ an organism that uses light or chemical energy and inorganic molecules to synthesise
complex organic molecules.
Heterotroph ­ These are organisms that ingest and digest complex organic molecules releasing the
chemical potential energy stored in them.

(b) State…

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(g) Explain the importance of photosynthetic pigments in photosynthesis

They gather photons in order to allow light dependent reactions to occur. Secondary pigments work
to make sure that primary pigments get the maximum possible photons that they can have.

(h) State that the lightdependent stage takes place in thylakoid membranes…

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NADPH is used to hydrogenise GP molecules into TP molecules
ATP is used to phosphorylate GP molecules into TP molecules and for the regeneration of
(l) Explain the role of carbon dioxide in the light-independent stage (Calvin cycle)

It serves as a source of:

Carbon ­ important for structures,…

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