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By Lucy Lincoln & Hannah Birch
Lynne Truss
Why arnt childrun being tort
how 2 rite?…read more

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Lynne Truss was
interested in
grammatical change
over time
She has a
Prescriptivist- zero
tolerance approach
to punctuation errors
Prescriptivism is an
attitude to language
use that makes
judgements about
what is right or wrong,
and holds language
up to an ideal
standard that should
be maintained.…read more

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Language change over time
She blames modern education and people's
ignorance for the lack of correct grammar
Until 1960 punctuation was taught routinely in British
For over a quarter of a century, punctuation and
English grammar were not taught in the majority of
Now, the national curriculum ensures that by the age
of 8, a child will understand how to use a comma
Without the proper use of punctuation, our language
will fall apart…read more

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Interesting example of modern
language…read more

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Eats, shoots and leaves
Her book Eats, shoots and leaves (2003) focuses
on how to use punctuation correctly
The title is a joke in which a panda goes into a bar,
asks for a ham sandwich, eats it and then takes
out a revolver and fires it into the air. When the bar
man asks him what he is doing, he throws a book
and growls: 'This is a badly punctuated wildlife
manual. Look me up.' The barman flicks through
the book and reads: 'PANDA. Large, black-and-
white, bear-like mammal native to China. Eats,
shoots and leaves.'…read more

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A woman, without her man, is nothing
A woman: without her, man is nothing…read more


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