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Output Methods…read more

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Output Methods
Before any output can be produced by a
computer it must have an output device
connected to it.
The output devices that you are probably
most used to will be the screen, or monitor,
and the printer.
Another sort of output that you will have
experienced when using a computer is
sound, which is output through a speaker.…read more

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A monitor or screen is an output device
that can display graphics and text and video.
The picture on a monitor is made up of
thousands of tiny coloured dots called pixels.
The quality of the output on a monitor
depends on its resolution.
The resolution of a monitor depends on the
number of pixels that it can display.…read more

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Dot-Matrix Printer
A dot matrix printer forms characters and
graphics on the paper by producing patterns
of dots. If you look closely at a print-out
from a dot matrix printer you will see the tiny
dots which make up the printout.
The part of the printer which forms the
patterns of dots is called the print head. The
print head is made up from pins which are
pushed out in different arrangements to form
the various patterns of dots needed.…read more

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Inkjet Printers
Inkjet printers work like dot matrix printers
because the printouts that they produce are
made up of patterns of very small dots but
the print head has a set of tiny holes rather
than pins.
As the print head moves across the paper ink
is forced out through the holes to form the
Inkjet printers are very quiet to operate and
can produce good quality printouts of both
graphics and text.
Relatively cheap colour graphics can be
printed using a colour inkjet.…read more

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Laser Printers
Laser printers give very high-quality
printed output of both text and graphics
very quickly and quietly.
They are generally more expensive to
buy than inkjet printers and the toner
cartridges are more expensive.
They are very suitable for large volume
printouts because of their speed.…read more

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