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Problems at the beginning of her reign:
1. War with France
2. Had inherited a catholic country
3. Not married no heir
4. Catholics in parliament
5. Mary Stuart
6. Pope- 1566, 1570 and claimed that Elizabeth was illegitimate.
Had the problems been solved:
1. Ended war with France, but they did continue to pose a threat such as the Massacre of Vassy, but in general things had improved
2.…read more

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Main features of the religious settlement
Church Doctrine Royal supremacy in the church, restored legal position of the crown. Single
form of worship, emphasis on predestination and justification by faith alone.
Church Services Communion of both kinds, single form of worship, no kneeling during the
administration of the Eucharist, changed to take and eat this in remembrance
of me, no elevation of the host, removed popish practices.…read more

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Involved in Massacre of Vassy- potential glory, regain Calais? Dynastic security,
After Troyes she remains on relatively good terms with the French and does not involve herself in French politics after this…read more


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