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Elizabeth 1558-1571…read more

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Domestic Policy
· 1566 rejected passage of bills for further
· Marriage- 1563/66- pressed to marry- but
who could she? Loss power.
· 1571- strengthen treason law and laws
against Catholics after papal excommunication
and subsidy granted for future threats…read more

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Foreign Policy
· Spain:
· Philip offered his hand in marriage as a polite gesture-
she refused but he was happy for relatives to marry
her, twice persuaded the pope not to excommunicate
· 1568- Hawkins with Elizabeth's direct support sought
to break Spanish trading monopolies in the Caribbean.
· Storm- Spanish ships seek shelter in Devon and
Cornwall- carrying 400,000 florins, Elizabeth impounds
· Philip blockaded English ships in Mexico.…read more

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· Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis- Calais given to French for
eight years, get it back as long as we kept peace, or
receive 500,000 crowns.
· Massacre of Vassy- 6000 men, loan of £30,000,
prevent the collapse of the rebellion which would
restore France's stability and make her once more a
threat to England, through Scotland.
· Defeated- Treaty of Troyes lost Calais forever but
reminded how dangerous an enemy England was and
Made them less likely to intervene in Scotland or to
support Mary's claim to the English throne…read more

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· 1559 Scottish protestants rebelled against Marie
de Guise ­ Elizabeth secretly sent money and
· Did not want to interfere in Scotland but she could
not afford to let the French invasion of Scotland
go unchallenged.
· Mary Stuart catholic claimant to English throne-
· Married Bothwell- main suspect in Darnley's
murder…read more

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Who's policy was it?
· Cecil's thesis was that it was essential for the
security of England that they should be able to
face Europe without the fear of the enmity of
Scotland or Ireland. Incorporate Scottish land into
a wider imperial British state and sought removal
of Mary Stuart.
· Elizabeth reluctant to do anything openly
suggesting that it was not hers.
· Reactionary- did what she had to do- defensive-
no money to really do anything.…read more

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