Weaknesses of the PG was more important than Bolshevik strength for the OR?


Weaknesses of the PG was more important than Bolshevik strength for the OR?


  • Saw itself as a temporary body- held office but never power
  • Lost national minority support
  • Continuation of war
  • Divisions amongst socialists and liberal Duma deputies- lack of clear policies
  • Did little regarding the deterioration of the economy
  • Failed to address the concerns of the public
  • Did not support the peasant's land takeover
  • Kornilov affair discredited Kerensky
  • Underestimated the Bolsheviks
  • Figes- June offensive 'a fatal blow'
  • Lacked the ruthlessness that the desperate situation required
  • Weakened by the Soviets- dual- authority


  • Real power was held by the soviet by February 1917
  • Role of Lenin was crucial
  • Greatest number of supporters around Petrograd and Moscow
  • Majority of Petrograd soldiers remained neutral and refused to oppose Bolsheviks
  • Order Number 1
  • Only party to oppose continuing war
  • Adopted the land policy of the SRs
  • Radical policies were in tune with the worker's and soldier's aspirations
  • Manipulated the Kornilov affair to present themselves as defenders of the city
  • April theses
  • Gained a majority in the Soviet from September


The Provisional Government was unfit to lead Russia, thus meaning a revolution was inevitable. The organisation and determination of the Bolsheviks however led to an increased rate at which Kerensky's government deteriorated


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