Urban Growth in NEEs and LICs

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Urban Growth in NEEs and LICs


  • Better access to health care
  • Better access to education
  • Clean water supply
  • Electricity
  • Increase in economic development
  • More jobs and better wages
  • Manufactured goods are worth more


  • Squatter settlements
  • Badly built and overcrowded
  • No access to running water, sewers or electricity
  • Bad hygiene
  • No access to education
  • Unemployment and crime
  • Rubbish not collected
  • Air pollution
  • Sewage harms wildlife
  • Congestion causes increased greenhouse gas emissions


In conclusion, I believe that the development of NEEs and LICs is very useful and can bring many opportunities to the country however when the country develops too quickly, many challenges arise which in the long run can stunt development.


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