'To create a christian saviour sibling is an act of christian love'

'To create a christian saviour sibling is an act of christian love'


  • Some believe saviour siblings are no different to having a blood or organ donor.
  • Jesus healed the sick so this is following his example and it morally good
  • Even though the child is helping another, they can still be treated and valued as a person. Some argue that woman do not exist only for themselves but for their unborn babies
  • Couples have children for many reasons, often for more than one reason (e.g to play with each other) Having a child to save another child is just another good reason but is not likely to be the only reason.


  • Destroys many usable embryos, goes against one of 10 commandments 'thou shalt not murder.'
  • Many Christians believe in the sancity of life
  • creating a child for another person would make the child lose their value as a person. They would be wanted for what they have not who they are.
  • Children are a gift from God and should be valued as a gift from God
  • Can make the child emotionally damaged as they may feel they are only alive to help their siblings. If their sibling was never ill they may have not even existed.


Many Christians would agree with the statement as long as the child is still valued and not only conceived for another benefit. The child being able to help another should be more of a bonus instead of a reason.


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