Wolsey's domestic policy - amicable grant

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  • The Amicable Grant 1525
    • Matters came to a head in Feb after the French army had been annihilated at the battle of Pavia
      • Henry saw his defeat as an opportunity to invade france
        • However the coffers were empty
          • Wolsey demanded a non-parliamentary tax called the amicable grant
    • It would target both Clergy and laity based on a sliding scale
      • Met so soon after the forced loans and parliamentary tax of the previous 3 years it was met with violent displeasure
    • The results were a refusal to pay and rebellion across Suffolk and east Anglia.
      • The hostility was not initiated by nobles, they did their bit to restore order.
    • it was abandoned in may and no further taxation was attempted by Wolsey
      • Historians say it marks the beginning of the end for wolsey
    • Henry denied all knowledge
      • Wolsey's opponents sensed the vulnerability
    • English foreign policy turned full circle
      • French invasion abandonment and wolsey switched to an alliance with france
        • ultimately disasterous for the kings great matter




could be more detailed but is still helpful if you need a basic understanding on the matter.

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