The July days


The July days


  • June Offensive- Ordered by Kerensky: 400,000 dead & 170,000 deserted.
  • Economic affects of WWI: The price of grain increased by 100%
  • Land Seizures: No land redistribution
  • National Minority demands


  • Widespread rioting- 'feirce-faced'
  • Described as disorganised chaos
  • Lasted 3 Days
  • 20,000 soldiers from the Krondstat Naval base rioted

Overall summary

Ultimately the July days shows the inadequacies of the Provisional government and the discontent they sparked with regards to the war etc. The July days was unsuccessful and the provisional government retained power. Because conditions did not improve as a result of the uprising, it served to exemplify civillians anger to the Bolsheviks that they could channel when waging an organised revolution in the later months of that year. The main reason the PG surrvived the July days was disorganisation and because they kept the army on side.


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