The Berlin Airlift


The Berlin Airlift


  • Since the establishment of Bizonia, the USSR had increasingly frustrated the West's access to their own sectors in Berlin, with sudden road blocks and train diversions
  • 23rd June 1948 - the USSR severed all rail, road and canal links from West Berlin to the Western Zones
  • They decided an airlift was the best way to deliver supplies to the population
  • The airlift began on the 26th June and at its height aircraft landed in West Berlin every 90 seconds and delivered 8000 tons of supplies each day


  • Displayed the West's commitment to protecting the population
  • Following the airlift, the Western Allies decided to co-ordinate their armed forces. This was a fundamental reason for the creation of NATO.
  • Within the Western zones there was considerable support for the formation of an economically secure German state allied to the West.

Overall summary

The new West German state came into existence in May 1949, with Adenauer as the first chancellor.


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