Conflict over Germany

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  • Topic 4
    • American zone
      • Organized free elections in its zone
      • USA merged with UK to form Bizonia in 1947
    • British zone
      • Prioritized economic recovery with the aid of the USA
    • French zone
      • Supported the creation of the two separate German states with western Germany allied between UK USA and France
    • Soviet zone
      • Merged communist and social democrats into the German socialist unity party to spread communist influence
      • Land reform
      • Nationalization of industry
      • Imposed compulsory Russian language in schools within their zone
    • The Berlin Blockade & Airlift
      • Began on June 26th 1948
      • airlifts began after stalin blocked all roads and railways into the Soviet zone
      • Planes arrived every 2-3 minutes with supplies for the West Berlin population
      • Berliners lived on dried potatoes, powdered eggs and cans of meat during the winter
      • 13,000 tonnes where brought into Berlin on April 16th 1949 even though 6,000 tonnes was he minimum required
        • They gradually built up a reserve off supplies
      • The western states in Berlin was a beacon of capitalism
        • It posed a great threat to Stalins plans for Germany
    • The formation on N.A.T.O
      • North Atlantic Treaty Organization
      • NATO was a form of political defence
      • USSR made the Warsaw pact in retaliation with the Eastern European communist countries


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