Romeo and Juliet- Key theme of FATE

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Romeo and Juliet- Key theme of FATE


  • The prologue suggests that astrological imagery is against them therefore playing a significant role in the deaths.
  • Death references play a significant role in the theme of fate, for example, mercuito places a curse upon the two houses at his death foreshadowing the fates of the rest of the characters.
  • Fate goes against the characters personal responsabillity


  • the stars are against Romeo and Juliet. although they constantly reference it, it was more to do with Gods will to sacrifice them.
  • the death in the play highlights their doomed destinies.

Overall summary

Fate is referenced through astrological and religious imagerydeath has a key role in their love considering it highlights Romeo and Juliet's doomed destiny. fate pin points they are going against their responsibilities.


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