Themes in Romeo and Juliet

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  • Themes in Romeo & Juliet
    • Poison
      • The hate that is tearing apart two families, the poison and potions that friar Lawrence makes and gave to Juliet, the poison Romeo brought from the apothecary
    • Rose
      • Love and sweetness, gentleness, associated with Juliet and Paris
    • Fire
      • Consuming, passion such as love that is also destructive, associated  with Romeo and Juliet anger
    • Stars
      • Fate, fear of what will happen, beauty and purity of the love between Romeo & Juliet
    • Masks
      • Insincerity hidden love helps people break the full reason Romeo and Juliet could meet but why didn`t tell their families


Taibah H


Nice Work

Could Be Even Better If There Were A Few Quotes To Back Up Each Point

Overall, I Could Give This To Anyone As Its A Good Information Poster

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