Of Mice And Men - Candy

Character profile for Candy.




  • Likes to gossip
  • Attached to his dog
  • Enthusiastic about the dream
  • He shows George and Lennie the bunkhouse and to the boss when they first arrive
  • He warns George and Lennie against Curley
  • He allows one of the ranch workers, Carlson, to shoot his old, smelly dog
  • He offers George and Lennie his $300 savings to help buy their dream, as long as he can go too
  • He tries to stand up to Curley's Wife in the harness room (aka Crooks' home)
  • *Next bullet point is a spoiler*
  • He's the person who discovers Curley's Wife's dead body in the barn

Development (Growth & change)

Other information              

  • He shows affection to his dog, but then allows it to get shot
  • He's lonely at first but then meets George and Lennie, and soon shares their dream
  • His relationship with his dog is like George and Lennie's relationship
  • He is a 'Tall, stoop shouldered old man'
  • He has no right hand, he lost it one day when he was working on the ranch
  • He is the ranch's swamper, which is basically the cleaner


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