Natural Hazards


Natural Hazrds


  • The crust is spilt into major sections called tectonic plates
  • There a two types of crust there is oceanic and there is continental
  • Plates either move towards each other away from each other or post each other


  • The primary is property and buildings are destroyed from earthquakes people are killed or injured there are ports and roads and railway damage and the pipes like water and gas and electricity cables are broken
  • The primary effects of volcanoes are the property and farm land destroyed which is near it or around it or in the perimeter and air travel halted due to volcanic ash and the water supplies and contaminated which makes people ill and they could even die from it because its is that deadly
  • The secondary effects of earthquakes is business reduced as money spent repairing property and blocked transport hinders emergency services and broken gas pipes cause fire and broken water pipes lead to a lack of fresh water.
  • The secondary effects of volcanoes are the economy slows down emergency services struggle to arrive due to the destruction. The possible flooding if ice melts tourism can increase as people come to watch. The ash breaks down leading to fertile farm land.

Overall summary

The impact on both of these events are brutal and have caused destruction throughout where it is placed. There has been deaths, destruction and has impacted people and the surroundings these events has caused in multiple places throughout the world.


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